1. Peking Lantern  2. Umbra Loft Patio  3. Pop Swirl Cushion  4. Clover Tray


Beastie Boys Ill Communication was the first album I played in my very first car. So this is the song I immediately thought of when I heard the news last week.

Make your own Love necklace

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I made a appearances on another blog. Check out Style the Day to see what I was wearing on April 25th. Don’t forget to look at the rest of Amber’s blog. She really knows her stuff.







Designers seem to be throwing a bit of shade at this new identity for Shutterstock. Let’s be honest, the old logos weren’t very thoughtful. I’ll speak to the fact that this new logo is a bit cliche, but it’s effective. The accompanying pieces are well executed. It works.

“The art of typography has historically been a form led by specially trained professionals, well-versed in the workings of setting and design. With the technological revolution the population at large holds the reins to the world of type, often muddling the more specific aspects of design. For the less informed, Jim Williams provides Type Matters!, an introduction to the finer points of type. Designed to offer basic instructions to amateurs, the book succeeds in conveying esoteric typesetting knowledge by way of example.”

“Type Matters!” ships 10 April 2012, and is available for pre-order from Merrell and on Amazon.

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As of late, I’ve been thinking I was born in the wrong decade.