R.I.P. Crystal Pepsi


The 90’s was a time of exploration. Generation X was supposed to be one without an identity and thus, easily influenced. What these companies failed to realize was that people had taste buds and that their products were inferior to the classics (ie: Coca-cola Classic). Even though my generation was without an identity, the last thing we wanted to associate ourselves with was a marketing scheme. I spent a lot of time in Value Village picking out the perfect flannel shirt. I had no time for logos on my clothes, much less a can of clear soda that tasted like poop.

I remember reading this funny article on x-entertainment.com about the defunct sodas of our time. It seems to me that Pepsi is the front runner in creating crappy soft drinks. First Crystal Pepsi, now Blue Pepsi? Will they ever learn? 

“Crystal Pepsi: I think part of the reason why Crystal Pepsi was considered such a flop is because Pepsi built up its debut like the second coming of Christ. I mean, you buy a minute-long Superbowl commercial where Van Halen credits Crystal Pepsi as the root of a cultural evolution, and you damn well better be more than a can of Pepsi without any brown in it.” 

Read the rest of the article here:


The article on x-entertainment also feature a horrific Canadian product called Orbitz. It was that drink with the floating balls. When I was 17, my friend bought me a bottle of this goop when I was sick with the flu. Trust me, it did not help! The thought of those globuals of rubber floating around in my stomach makes me feel sick to my stomach today. At least the drink looked cool. 

There is a hilarious article on retrocrush.com where the blogger taste tests a 10 year old bottle or Orbitz by creating a martini with it.


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