How do I choose paring fonts?

• do not mix 2 typefaces from the same family: bodoni + didot, garamond + bembo, futura + gotham…
• do not mix 2 typefaces with a strong personality: antique olive + vendome, sansa + cooper black…
• do not mix 2 script types: mistral + bello, machiarge + kinescope…
• do not think that to look “modern” you HAVE to take recent types: you might look incredibly modern by pairing a gill sans with a baskerville, if done correctly.
• try to superimpose your faces to check if their x-height and kerning fit together, it helps giving a feeling of homogeneity.
• the odd couple sans-serif (titles-text) is very basic, though very efficient. in case of a doubt, stick to it. get away from it if you absolutely know what you are doing.
• check out the families of types containing serif and sans under the same name: fedra, meta, frutiger (new!), rotis… the problem: most of these types are actually rooted in a consensus, they are not expressing much. It’s cool for a bank report or an informative brochure, but might be weak for a magazine.


*the title of the periodic table does not follow paring guidlines.


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