Much More Redesign

Muchmore Logo, Before and After

Originally, Much More Music was intended to be an adult contemporary music companion to MuchMusic’s youthful music station. Now that they’ve gotten rid of music completely, it’s obvious that you would extract the music line from the logo. Although cool looking, what I don’t understand are the missing elements to the words Much More. Maybe they are respresenting the missing void that was once a fairly decent station committed entirely to music.

Read the Brand New review of this logo here.


2 responses to “Much More Redesign

  1. Not like I really cared for the original that much other then being used to it but it does pain me to see this change. I still remember the day that I was old enough that I realized that Much and MTV didn’t care about me any more and had moved on to the next generation. *sigh*

  2. i remember when muchmusic originally aired. my family sat around the tv like a bunch of potatoes and watched it for hours. i still love music videos to this day. that’s why i post them on this blog.

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