You mean they aren’t real berries?


It took Janine Sugawara four years of daily eating a box of Cap’n Crunch Crunchberries before she finally discovered that Crunchberries are not an actual berry and not even a fruit. I’m guessing she finally wised up when she went to a Home Depot looking for a Crunchberry plant for her backyard.

Well, Janine was ticked off at The Cap’n so she sued him for fraud in Federal Court and said that most reasonable people would also think that a Crunchberry is a real berry. Ummm. No. Most people would realize that a Crunchberry is a colored ball of cereal called a berry to make you feel better about yourself that you are eating a product where the number one ingredient is sugar.

Now, I myself don’t eat Cap’n Crunch. Oh, I love it. Desperately love it. The sugar isn’t why I don’t eat it. The reason I don’t eat it is that it rips the top of your mouth to shreds like car tires in a COPS episode.

The judge in the case also said there is no mention of the word fruit on the box and to his knowledge “there is no such fruit growing in the wild or occurring naturally in any part of the world called a Crunchberry.”


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