Da hut, yo!


“With a significant decline in sales, Pizza Hut is responding to the tough economic times by launching a new branding strategy. Will ‘The Hut’ make you want to eat out again?”

I’m not going to lie to you. I do not like Pizza Hut pizza, so my response to this problem would have been to make a better product, but who am I to judge. The article goes on to say that not all of the stores are changing their names. Wouldn’t this lead to a bit of brand confusion? Also, the logo is a bit mediocre and cartoonish…maybe they are still trying to appeal to the red hat ladies society and Devo fans.

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2 responses to “Da hut, yo!

  1. I’m not impressed either. You would think that a company of this size would understand and embrace the word consistency. If they are going to spend this much money re-branding themselves, you would think that they would jump in with both feet.

  2. I agree. Thanks for the response 🙂

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