The Italic Room

“The objective of this project was to create an installation in the hallway on the fourth floor of Marienstraße 1 in Weimar Germany, which was unique for its parallel slanting walls. The installation employed the language of graphic design to appeal to this audience to draw the attention of the students from the Bauhaus University back to the extraordinary architecture of the building. Fittingly dubbed “The Italic Room”, physical italic type titled the space and was coupled with simple geometric rectangles of various sizes to further emphasize the slant of the wall. The white color of the installed structures was employed to draw attention to the space rather than to the work itself. The result was highly successful, as when people walked through the hallway, they would lean to one side as the shapes pulled them into the tilt of the walls. It was an installation that was thoroughly enjoyed by those who experienced it as it altered their perception of the space around them.”

From: Portfolio of Linna Xu. Check out the website here.


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