Chiquita Banana Sticker Contest. Yay!

The votes are in — and Chiquita Banana unveiled the 18 winners in its sticker design contest.

The beloved banana company asked customers to help them redesign the iconic Chiquita banana sticker in a contest in June, Slashfood reported.

Fans submitted more than 100,000 votes for the 50 design finalists and the top 18 will adorn Chiquita bananas in stores across the country.

“I eat bananas every day before I sit down to work at my computer. Basically, bananas plus a graphic design contest equals magic,” said Max I., a winner from Chico, Ca., on the Chiquita site. His design, a stylized cat with a star, got more than 3,000 votes.

Winners run the gamut — from stickers showing a banana inside a rib cage to robots to elaborate cats.

“For nearly 50 years the familiar blue sticker has adorned Chiquita bananas,” said Tanios Viviani, Chiquita president, global innovation and emerging markets and chief marketing officer, in a statement. “Now consumers and fans alike are a part of the Chiquita story by helping design and vote for stickers that join the symbol of our company.”

Contest rules said that design entries couldn’t make any “Inclusion or reference to Miss Chiquita” or have any writing or material Chiquita could find “inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous or libelous.”

The new sticker designs will adorn bananas in November.

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