On the weekend…

I bought one of these in Alberta…

and one of these…

They were both half price. I feel like I was ripping the store off. I can’t wait to put them in their new home.


3 responses to “On the weekend…

  1. Congratulations is way overdue and I have been meaning to write you to say I love your site. I hope all is well with you! I am not sure you would remember me, we met at a GDC AGM. I was just wondering what store in Alberta you got the light and chair, I love them and have been looking for similar.


    • hi there leigh! of course i remember you. we sat next to one another for 20 of the longest hours of my life 😉

      we bought the chair and light at a store in medicine hat called Burks. they only have black and red swan chairs left and i took the last sputnik light fixture. i made a lady in a skirt go up a ladder and take it down from the ceiling. it was kind of funny. the store will be open for only two more weeks, so if you really want a swan chair, you should call there and see if they can hold one for you. it is totally worth it – only $250. they also had a few eames plywood, barcelona and a pod chairs.

  2. It was a long couple of days! Thank you for the information on where you made your purchases, I am totally Jealous! I have a Sputnick I bought on e-bay a few years ago and love it! Take care and I love your site.

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