My type

Before I was an in-house designer working on just one brand, I still used only a handful of typefaces. Keeping in mind the basic fundamentals of design, esthetic value, usability and emotional response, there really are only a few that a designer needs in their back pocket. Here are the ones I loved the most with a sloppy description and rationale of each:

Before there was Gotham, there was Futura. I have always loved this typeface for it’s clean lines and how modern it still looks. It’s especially works well thin and uppercase.

I used this one a lot for bodycopy. It works well as the serif counterpart to the san serif typefaces I like to use.

What I perceive to be a contemporary take on the modern typeface, Futura.

This is about as ornate as it gets when I lay out type. Clarendon makes headlines look less imposing – yet prettier.

I used Copperplate frequently when I wanted to make something look old school. Best used small in a logo.

If you need to fit a lot of body copy together, Univers is your typeface. I used to call it “squishy Helvetica.”
and of course…


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