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My good friend has started her own fashion blog, Style the Day. Each day she will show you what she is wearing. I’ve known her for 15 years – she has never let me down with her personal style. This lady needs to get into styling.




I have been waiting and waiting for someone to come up with typographic cookie cutters that were worth using. Hats off to Fred for coming up with Letterpress Cookie Cutter/Stamps.

Triangles are the new black

Toormix created an identity system for an Italian restaurant in Barcelona called Zero Zero 39. I don’t know much about the restaurant other than this is a beautiful example of contemporary design.

CMYK inspiration

For myself, it is easiest to design when the options are lessened. These are some fantastic CMYK posters and they show the array of options you have with a limited palette.

find them here.

The Neon Museum, Las Vegas

Fake band t-shirts for history’s greatest minds.

via Monsters of Grok

Oh, House. How do I love thee?

“For the Heath House Number tile package design, we thought it would be best to let the numbers do the talking. A pattern of Eames and Neutra tile artwork was laid and grouted on French Paper then wrapped onto kraft board lids and bases by Michigan City Box Company.”

Designed by House Industries