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Designers seem to be throwing a bit of shade at this new identity for Shutterstock. Let’s be honest, the old logos weren’t very thoughtful. I’ll speak to the fact that this new logo is a bit cliche, but it’s effective. The accompanying pieces are well executed. It works.


“The art of typography has historically been a form led by specially trained professionals, well-versed in the workings of setting and design. With the technological revolution the population at large holds the reins to the world of type, often muddling the more specific aspects of design. For the less informed, Jim Williams provides Type Matters!, an introduction to the finer points of type. Designed to offer basic instructions to amateurs, the book succeeds in conveying esoteric typesetting knowledge by way of example.”

“Type Matters!” ships 10 April 2012, and is available for pre-order from Merrell and on Amazon.

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As of late, I’ve been thinking I was born in the wrong decade.

I love stuff

Girard Love Panel

Playtype Mugs

Heart me sweater – J Crew

Lego love necklace

Song of the day

What I like to think about when create something new

1. Don’t be a middlebrow designer. Creating something to make everyone happy, including yourself, isn’t always the most effective solution.

2. Is the overexposure of everything skewing my perception of what’s good and what’s authentic? In order to remain unique and true to yourself, try not to be too influenced by outside forces or sparkling examples of design.

3. Is this design about conformity or about pushing the envelope? I see a lot of really bad design choices and unsophisticated typography. I don’t think a lot of new designers are looking at the appropriateness of things. Making it look cool is beginning to take precedent. Make something that inspires others to think objectively about their design.

4. Is this about form, function, both and what order?  Just because you can apply a drop shadow, bevel or glow doesn’t mean you should. If your layout requires you to add a filter, maybe you need to reconsider your entire design.

Fishscape is a gorgeous hand-blown fish bowl featuring an amazing underwater landscape to make life more interesting for your fish. Designed by Aruliden, and you can get it from Conranusa.