I’ve very busy with last minute projects and large campaigns thant need to be completed before the holiday season officially begins. Don’t worry though, I’ll post some updated design as soon as I have a few minutes to spare.

Since I’m in baby mode, check out this weird paper highchair by Paper Tiger Products. I could see it as handy if it was water resistant. Maybe it’s just meant for a one time use. I’m going to assume it will crumble with baby mess.


It’s unbearably cold here and cars will not start…

so, the song of the day is ‘no cars go’ by the Arcade Fire:

Etsy poster-o-rama.

One thing that would scare me every day? That would be eating unpasteurized cheeses and raw meat. Not good for the wee one in my belly.


Ooooh, I would actually like this!

Cool anniversary logo for PlayStation

I now own a Nintendo Wii (and still have my 8 bit NES I might add), but my husband and I spent an hour or many playing games on our PS2 a few years ago. My favourite game will always be Super Tetris.

check out the anniversary site here.

Song of the Day

This goes out to Fabe.

I apologize in advance to all of those who listen to this song and want to poke their eardrums out.

Nice identity system!

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