This Rawks!


For the Muppet Rawk group show, Marc Palm redrew R. Crumb’s famous Cheap Thrills cover as a Muppets album.

Without Advertising…


there would be no reason to make things look nice

there would be no visibility to questionable activity

I wouldn’t know who i am

hip hip beats would not define an African American’s daily activity

Creativity would need another sponsor


no Chicken Tonight

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Birthday Song of the Day

Song of the Day

Inside Dylan’s Brain

i thought there would be a lot more cloudy green smoke.

In a graphic for the May 2008 issue of Vanity Fair, Andrew Nimmo and Beth Bartholomew tabulated the topics of Bob Dylan’s XM Radio Show, Theme Time Radio Hour. (And they gracefully reference the source of their riff, the famous poster by Milton Glaser.)

— Zachary Sachs

Interesting Logos


I’m not here to judge. Look at these at your own risk. For more interesting logos, click here.

Takashi Iwasaki


My sister-in-law went to university with the talented Takashi Iwasakit. He calls these pieces Abbies.

“Abbie is a generalized nickname for Iwasaki’s abstract drawings, which stems from the first syllable of the word ab-stract. Color, shape, space, value, transparency and composition are the main elements which are concerned in the works. The individual names of Abbies are consist of the fragments of Japanese, English, other languages, and sounds based on the themes and elements in them. The combination of those languages makes the titles to be vague and uncertain to the viewers, for them to explore their own visions, while it is a clear reminder of what they mean for Iwasaki.”

For more samples of his work, check out his website here. He also runs the Semai Gallery out of Winnipeg. See what’s going on there this month here.

Swine Flew

Skyskraper have decided to launch a range of T’s every month highlighting current media events. Here is the first, dedicated to the Swine.


Bottled water is the new environmental bad boy, as cities across Canada ban its sale on civic property.

Why pay a buck for water when it’s always on tap?

That’s what municipalities nationwide are asking as they debate banning the sale of a product that’s otherwise available at the faucet. According to the Beverage Marketing Corporation, more than 188 billion litres of bottled water were consumed worldwide in 2007, making it a major revenue source for multinationals such as Coke, Pepsi and Nestlé . But “pro tap” groups say it does more social harm than good, and are waging a PR war in town halls from coast to coast.

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